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Phantom’s high-fusion stand.

Featuring an ingeniously crafted isostatic base. Treepod is both a bold design statement and the perfect fit for Phantom. Thermally connected to Phantom, Treepod provides optimal conditions for high-endurance performance.

An exceptional pairing for Phantom: the result of flawless wood-turning. Treepod’s solid beech legs are seamlessly fused with a single piece of hand-polished foundry made from a fine, ultra-resistant cast aluminium alloy.

Treepod’s uncluttered and elegant design brings together the highest quality materials to reveal the Phantom’s epic silhouette. In all its splendour.

Its minimalist design is the perfect combination of form, function and technology.

Treepod is assembled in Devialet’s workshops in France with wood sourced from sustainably managed forests.

Dimensions : 424mm x 345mm x 370mm

Weight : 1.1 Kg

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