Hurom Juicers – Seracasdim

The history of Hurom starts 44yrs ago with a company called DongAh Ind Co. found in 1974. It was a company that used to manufacture TV and audio components to be used in other products. Over a period of time, the company shifted its production in the kitchen appliances and this lead to a steady period of production of many appliances, including a high-speed food processor.

In 2005, DongAh Ind Co. came up with a terrific product which created the single augur electric juice –vertical juicer style. World’s first single augur vertical juicer. This first generation vertical juicer was very different from anything seen before in the juicer market before.

2009, was when Hurom came into the picture officially. Over the years they spend time to refine and improve their juicer’s to a much higher quality standard. What differentiated them from the rest of the juicer’s in the market, is the Slow-Cold Press juicer. Today with technology so advanced juicer’s have progressed very far with newer variations, with better mechanism and by pressing further with innovative technology that benefits everyone.

Hurom juicers have grown very found in different industries and homes, allowing one to really enjoy a nutritious juice. What differentiates them from the standard juicers in the market is their slow-cold press juicer. The normal high-speed juicer that you come across in the market, the rotation speed is up to 8000-30000/min, and whereas the Hurom juicer rotation speed is 43/min. This concept of slow-press, Hurom was inspired by the traditional hand squeezer method as they use to in the old days. By blending different fruits and vegetables, to minimize airflow acts to slow down the oxidation, keeping the freshness of the juice.

Nutritionist or doctors would recommend you to purchase a Hurom Slow-Juicer, not because it is a juicer. But the health benefits that one gains from using their slow-juicers has made some remarkable lifestyle changes. Of the world’s adult population from age 20 or older, 1.4 billion people are overweight and amongst them more than 5 million people are obese. What is one of the major causes of health issues? Well, it’s very simple.. What we eat and feed our body is the result of overweight and obesity. If people learn to change their way of being and learn to control their eating habits to what is nutritious and healthy for our body. Then Hurom is a solution that will definitely make a huge difference blending a large number of nutrients from fruits and vegetables in one glass.