Marshall Speakers | Amplifiers and Speakers.

Marshall is an iconic brand that we have all heard of or known over the years. It is known for it’s loudness and amplification. Did you know?  The founder was known as The Father of Loud or The Lord of Loud? – OBE, Jim Marshall is the master behind the Legendary Marshall Amplifiers and Speakers. The Marshall sound revolutionized music in the 1960’s, attracting artists from all over the the country and soon after the whole world heard the loudest of the Marshall sound. The music grew with Marshall and made it an iconic brand in the music industry.

Today with technology advancing, sounds has transformed our everyday lives by allowing us to experience sounds at the level of our comfort and without compromising in the sheer quality of the Marshall sound.  They’re range of product varies from active speakers, earphones, headphones or speakers.  Their biggest and loudest speaker is the Woburn II, a 130W speaker, with x3 sources – bluetooth, wi-fi & aux. The speaker itself gives a very retro vibe with its design from the outside, but with a modern touch of hardware.

Too all those music lover’s out there, Marshall has all the different variants of speaker for your every need. From portable to fixed placement. Talking about their portable series, the KING OF THE ROAD is the highest range in the portable segment also known as the Marshall Tufton. The mightiest portable speaker from Marshall. packs 20+ hours of portable playtime, allowing you to go further, for longer. Bluetooth® 5.0 technology allows you to connect to a variety of wireless devices with a range of 30ft and it is water an IPX2 – Water resistant, multi-host functionality, multi-directional sound and with one of their best features is the ‘Quick Charge’ – in which 20 minute charge gives you 4hrs of playtime (Quick Charge) and 2.5hrs gives you 20+hrs of playtime (Full Charge).


With the success story of the Marshall Amplifier’s, Marshall wanted to go a step closer to it’s customer’s by providing them the same adrenaline and sound as it was introduced back in the 60-80’s. Now with smart and wireless speaker’s, Marshall was able to combine the the legendary sound of Marshall with their Home Series II Speakers – Acton, Stanmore & Woburn. If you are looking for a smart speaker, it comes with Google Assistant as well as in Alexa – depending on your choice they both assist you with all you needs and queries.