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Devialet was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Paris. The journey of  Devialet Speakers unfolds with three founding fathers/members, engineerPierre-Emmanuel Calmel, entrepreneur Quentin Sannié, and designer Emmanuel Nardin who brought unique revolutionary audio innovations.

The story of Devialet Speakers began with their patented technology ‘ADH’ – Audio Digital Hybrid, a patent invention that Devialet initially started to fuse it with their compact-sized amplifiers, also known to be the world’s thinnest amplifiers. From which came the creation of the Phantom. Where they combined the ADH tech in a compact devialet speaker with an in-built subwoofer. Their Devialet Phantom series is un unrivaled sound in a stylish package that fits everywhere. With 108 patents, 12 kilos of high technology. 60 kilos of thrust force behind the lateral woofers. It took 10 years of research and development and 25 million euros to engineer the Devialet Phantom series.

The Phantom series ranges starting from a forceful 600 watts, Phantom Reactor to a mind-blowing 4500 watts in the Phantom Gold. From a single phantom, through stereo, multiroom and home cinema, the phantom range is massively flexible.

It comes in a very compact design, enabling the speaker with only one single button. Definitely, a speaker which will fill up any room in your home and fusing the Phantom Premier’s revolutionary technologies – SAMÔ (Speaker Active Matching), ADHÔ (Analog Digitial Hybrid), HBIÔ (Heart Beat Impulsion), ACEÔ (Active Cospherical Engine) and EVO Platform. Everything is compact with all your necessary connectivity resources – Bluetooth, Ethernet, Optical and Wi-fi.

The Devialet Phantom series is an elaborate pack of massive impulsive power with 0% saturation, 0% distortion, and 0% background noise into the compact size speaker. The Phantom Premier delivers in two variants, one is 2000W and the other 4500W and with up to 108 dB of sound pressure. The Phantom Reactor packs just 600W to 900W and up to 98 dB within a 3-liter pod that feels so dense and heavy. It’s a pure eargasm for people who loves some audio steroids for the home without overcrowding their homes with huge speakers.

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