Devialet Gemini | Wireless New Gen Earbud.

Devialet Gemini

Devialet has been in the industry for the past 10yrs-15yrs, innovating and trying to expanding their range of products. Redefining sound through their audio innovation of their first pair of true wireless earbud – The Devialet Gemini.

Devialet Gemini

When you first glance at the wireless earbud, you notice the design was inspired by the Devialet Phantoms. Which was a trademark for Devialet to provide the same the experience as well with sound. The Gemini wireless earbud incorporates three patent technologies relating to sound and active noise cancellation – Ear Active Matching (EAM®), Internal Delay Compensation (IDC®) & Pressure Balance Architecture (PBA®).

To give you a little insight what each of one of these patented technologies do and how they make your Gemini experience even richer. EAM® – The Gemini is able to provide a superior sound quality to a proprietary EAM® algorithm. Where the algorithm instantaneously captures the specific ear canal of the listener and automatically optimizes the signal to the ear up to 10,000 times per second, ensuring a fully immersive and intimate listening experience.

IDC® – Ensures that the patented algorithm perfectly compensates for the internal delay generated by noise cancellation loop. The result: a significant gain in noise cancellation, especially at higher frequencies.

PBA® – With this patented technology that Devialet invented, an acoustic architecture of cascading decompression chambers that ensure ideal inner pressure, at all times. Each chamber is coated with custom acoustic mesh that proactively stops external noise from entering the system, ensuring effective Active Noise Cancellation.

The Devialet Gemini is priced at 33,000/-, even though it comes with a trio patented technologies, there’s not much in their core specification that set them aside apart from their similarly priced rivals/brands. The wireless earbuds operate wirelessly over Bluetooth 5.0, supporting codecs such as SBC, AAC and AptX. They are lozenge shaped, with the company’s logo emblazoned on the circular touchpads. Whereas the other half is a reflective silvery grey, which contrasts nicely with the buds. Just like how the Devialet Phantoms 103dB & 108dB look like from the side.

Measuring 74mmx58mmx31mm (LxWxH), weighing upto 76g. It is the charging case topped up with wirelessly charge and is neatly designed with a sliding lid that easily pushes open thanks to the textured grip where you are able to place you thumb. The earbuds measure 33mmx18mmx15mm (LxWxH), weighing upto 8gm. In total you are looking at up to 24hrs of playback, and with up to 6hrs of playtime with a single charge while ANC enabled.

To indicate how much battery is left on your charging case. On the front of the case is a single battery status LED which is illuminated green when it’s got more than 50% battery remaining, orange when the case is under 50% and red indicates low on battery as we all know it universally. The earbuds are also IPX4 rated meaning they guarantee resistance to dust and water splashes.

If budget is not really constraint for you, then these wireless earphones have brilliant sound giving you a fulfilling and satisfying experience.