Beoplay A9 | One-point music system

Beoplay A9

Beauty and passion to your music

One-point music system and contemporary design icon with powerful sound and customizable design.

Beoplay A9

Bang & Olufsen have been creating luxury music systems, where they’re sound is as good as they looks. Their designs has a specific signature on each product, leaving it a unique masterpiece – strive to explore and exploit styling these music system to make a valuable investment.

The objects existing in our homes symbolizes our style and speaks for who we are. The BeoPlay A9 has been a truly eye-catching product, beautifully constructed looking like a piece of furniture, blending in so well with your environment. That it looks like a piece of furniture and looks like a piece of art. The three legs or also the stand of the speaker are available in oak, walnut or maple(depending from speaker to speaker).

Apart from the beautiful looking and sonic aspects of the Beoplay A9, you will find no problem in terms of you connectivity. It enables you to Airplay with Apple Music, Chromecast, Spotify. Connectivity continues with USB, Bluetooth 4.0, BeoLink for Multi-Room and DLNA. There are small tiny dots as sensors on the top behind the speaker, enabling you to tap through music sources, swipe or tap volume, mute sound, get to the next or pevious tracks and mute the system.

Beoplay A9 Beoplay A9

Beoplay A9

One of the hottest features of the A9, is the Active Room Compensation and Adaptive Bass Linearization. In other words meaning, B&O adjusts the sound signature based on the speakers location and placement. So basically what happens it this feature, is that the speaker A9 is able to adapt to your room so easily and deliver the right sound and stereo so you can perfectly enjoy if from one point of placement. The single unit is designed with a switch on the back to electronically change its sonic signature allowing placement almost anywhere. The speaker can be placed free-standing in a room, placed in a corner to resonate the sound equally or even hung on a wall and will compensate to deliver the room optimum sound. As you listen to the this masterpiece, it is not only pleasing to the eyes but as well as for the ears that it will blend in the even in the biggest rooms effortlessly with stereo sound.

Best part is that now it will work with all other products that enable Airplay 2, allowing your to inter connect with your other existing Airplay enabled speakers creating a multi-room. Lastly the B&O app for Apple and Android adds even another way to be in a complete control of your music.

Beoplay A9

Never the less, this masterpiece of design is a true piece of art that I not only drives curiosity to the unknown, but delivers a rich luxury sound which has never been compromised. All though it depends from every individual, if you are willing to invest in an all-in-one speaker. At a luxury price point, B&O is Bugatti Vernon of the audio industry and we certainly believe the A9 is a product that shows the value of investing in a serious music system.