Beolit 20 4th generation – wireless speaker

Beolit 20 Powerful Bluetooth Speaker

The Beolit 20 is the 4th generation of a modern classic in wireless speaker design with a longer lasting battery, integrated smartphone charging and powerful portable sound. With a new comtemporary classic design inspired by the original Beolit 17, it offers a modern touch/take on the classic Beolit silhouette with a number of design updates including a new grille and simplified, intuitive suite of control buttons.

Beolit 20 Comparison between Beolit 20and Beolit 17

When you compare your Beolit 20 to your previous predecessor the Beolit 17, there some new added on features which will definitely get you hooked on. The new Beolit 20 adds over 30% longer playtime (up to 8 hours of playtime), enabled stereo pairing between two Beolit 17s or Beolit 20s and a key feature is the integrated wireless QI charging which enables you to charge your device by placing it on top of your Beolit 20.

beolit 20

Locked with you a very simplistic and handsome design, giving it a very classy lunchbox look. It is not waterproof like your Beosound A1, but this thing can get loud, and deliver a rich bass for it’s size. It measures 135 W x 230 H x 189 D mm weighing upto 2.7kgs, with physical buttons for operating the unit which is placed on the top of the speaker and have minimal markings around them.

Beolit 20The buttons basically help you to control the volume levels, play/pause music as well as incorporating a power and a Bluetooth pairing button for you to connect your devices. There is one drawback it does not come with wi-fi, so there is no airplay as compared to your previous Beolit 12. There is a USB Type-C port at the back of the speaker for charging as well a 3.5mm jack port for those who want to connect they wired devices.

But one key feature that attracts this speaker apart from it’s rich sound of bass, is the Qi wireless charging present on the top of the speaker providing you upto 5W. I know it’s not the fastest when it comes to charging your devices compared to what you find already in the market with a 45W or 60W fast charging. But the idea here is more so that your charge you device on the line of not draining your phone’s battery instead of quickly charging it.