Beolab 18 Bang & Olufsen wireless speaker

Beolab 18

When it comes to an ideal home theatre system, there are so many to choose from in the audiophile market. With so many upcoming new brands and with newer technology it has diversified our choices, because at the end we want to place the best sound system in our homes.  Beolab 18

Bang & Olufsen has many ranges when it comes to home theatre, but one of those products that really steal the show is the BeoLab 18 – a culmination of acoustic perfection, a heritage of authentic sound that has been Bang & Olufsen’s hallmark since 1925.

Beolab 18Unprecedented acoustics in your home – without any restrictions. Experience outstanding craftsmanship and breathtaking sound.

The BeoLab 18 are speaker which were inspired by the company’s legendary BeoLab 8000/8002 speaker, which was on sale unchanged for 18 years. But the with newly launched BeoLab 18, it is a tribute to this iconic 1992 design (BeoLab 8000). The Beolab 18 reaches into the future with all-new components, a re-engineered digital sound engine, an enticingly tweaked form factor and something as classic – and modern. The new design is much more elegant, and the fabric grill has been replaced by 19 wooden ‘lamellas’ (Since the very beginning wood has been a material of choice for us). They come in black as standard, but as also available in white, oak, maple and walnut (for a cost).

BeoLab 18 is Bang & Olufsen’s first wireless speaker, which is utilizing WiSA – a wireless technology Bang & Olufsen can ensure where speakers are compatible with one another, which means you could buy devices from another manufacturer and have it work seamlessly with your existing Bang & Olufsen setup.

Beolab 18

Behind the lamellas are two 160-watts Class D amplifiers, which drive just two 4-inch midrange/woofers. At the top there’s a single 0.75-inch dome tweeter, with a beautiful acoustic lens for wide high-frequency dispersion. Overall the speakers performance and sounds in unmatched, with incredibly loud, and with very little distortion.

Beolab 18

One might have a controversial point of view from the design point of view, where some migh say it looks like an organ. But to me it looks like a sexy piece of art work powering your home. As amazing as these speakers look, these speakers are pricey. So you will need deep pockets to shell out such a home theatre system. But if you’re stunned just as me by these speaker’s that also sound great, then these should definitely taken into consideration.